10/31/02: Happy Halloween! I posted a couple pictures from Fayetteville Elementary's Halloween walk.

10/29/02: Tomorrow I start teaching... I'm nervous, but it'll be ok.

10/23/02: This week thus far has been pretty good.... However tomorrow begins my test of endurance. I go to school, then to Glenville for a rehearsal, then to Summersville on my way back for the SJHS Homecoming football game, back home, teach the next morning, go to Parkersburg, watch Jackass: The Movie, get up early the next morning to go to Glenville, play in a recital and then the rest has yet to be determined. Wish me luck that I don't die!

10/21/02: Mr. C Invades Fayetteville Elementary! Today was my first day at Fayetteville Elementary. I believe I'll have a  lot to offer the kids there, and it should be a great learning experience for all. As for my frequent Summersville Junior High visitors, you all know I'll be missing teaching all of you!

10/19/02: Today I participated in the Glenville State College Homecoming in the Alumni Band during Halftime. It was a great experience for I miss playing loud! On another sad note, yesterday, October 18th, 2002 was my last day student teaching at Summersville Junior High. You will all be missed. For some of your pictures, check out the featured photos section in the menu!

10/06/02: I have been accepted to the WDW College Program!!! I probably will accept the offer to go to Florida for a semester, but to leave the things behind that I have here for five months will be hard to do. My girlfriend, my family, and my friends... Oh and Monday. But I believe it is worth it... Five months of my life spent at Disney World. I think if I don't accept it, I will most definitely regret it. Oh and Congratulations to the Oak Hill High School Marching "Hopping" Band. The earned first place at the Point pleasant Band Festival. They earned it. And for that, Mr. Tim McCoy (their band director) will have his head shaved. I'm looking forward to it!! hehehehe

09/29/02: Time has gone by slowly but surely. School is ok I guess, but I hate the hour drive. Thank goodness only three weeks remaining for that portion! In case you did not know, I went to WVU this past week to interview for a job at Disney World. This is like a dream come true for me, and I believe you should live to accomplish your dreams... More on that as I find out more! Have a Nice Day!

09/09/02: A couple weeks have gone by... I haven't lost my temper yet... But I'm getting awful close to it! Please link me from your web site if you haven't already!!! I want more hits!

09/01/02: I started student teaching this past week... I'm looking forward to the rest of the semester... NOT!

08/23/02: I just completed a visit to my Hometown... Thurmond, WV. I posted some pictures... Look in my Featured Photos section!

07/23/02: Happy Birthday to ME!!! I am back from vacation, and I had a blast at Walt Disney World near sunny Orlando, Florida. I added a picture to show you what you missed out on, and also check out the featured photos section to see some more!


07/09/02: Changed the colors of this page. I will be going on vacation next week, and I'm bound to have plenty of pictures here once it is all said and done!

06/30/02: I have not been online a lot recently due to going back to work for Kmart... Hopefully I'll have the job for a while... Unless they go down the tube... Let's hope not. In other news, I'll be going on a camping trip from July 8 till the 10th with a few of my brothers... Most of you are thinking I'm an only child... Well, you are wrong! Other than Terry (my cousin who I have always considered my closest relative and brother even though I never get to talk to him much) I have my fraternal brothers. This should be an experience! I'll be posting pictures of the trip at a later date.


Legends Live Forever. I am the Legend... I am Lord Calvert.

05/05/02: Well this is my last update before I head home... Actually it will also be the last thing I do on this campus that is productive. I posted this picture again to remind myself and everyone else that these people are the people I thank for making me who I am. I will never forget the times I had at Glenville with them. I was told that most of my friends were going to be from within the Music Department when I first got there. That statement would not be anywhere near the truth. These are my friends... My brothers... My BEST memories. Some of them are not pictured, but you all know who you are. My GSC life is coming to a close, but that doesn't mean it won't be cracked open in the future. Can someone say camping trip? Again I can never be more thankful for being on the Second Floor. Why do I keep saying this? It is because I never want to let go... I never will let go of the memories I have had, because I know it'll never get any better than that. Thanks for the memories Second Floor... Thank you Elmer... Thank you Andy for bringing me down to the second floor. thank you Josh for being my wrestling dummy. Thank you Brad for being El Guapo. Thank you Rhodes for bringing the FISH! thanks Stacie Bailes for bringing the ramps. Thanks Jack for being the biggest help in making Zeta Kappa Omega. Thanks Butcher for showing me true art. Thanks Mike for giving me some pork and beans! Thanks Birky for being a Beatle butt @#$^!$*. hehehe... Thanx Darrell for passing on your room when you left... Even though I moved and got another later on. hehehe Thanks Matt for putting up a good fight. Thanks Ernie for voicing your opinion on the hill. Thanks Craw daddy for making me your b*t$h. Puggs, you may never see this, but I admired your humor... Even if in your drunken state you threatened to kill someone. That was pretty funny in itself. Ryan WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! We kicked anus in our years here at GSC together. And finally, thanks Pat for being the friend I needed in my final year.

05/02/02: Classes are almost done. I am anticipating a great surge in the production of this website in the coming months...



04/29/02: For some cheap entertainment, I had to post this mock ad from our Senior Recital.


04/27/02: My Senior recital is over. I feel I did a decent job, but could have been better.



04/18/02: I am officially finished with my observations. Also today is a grand day for me and this website. I took a picture of my old roommate Johnny Mallary. In the short time he was here, I had some of the greatest times in this apartment. If only he lived on the second floor with the crew.



04/15/02: 4.5 hours left in observations!!! also my Senior Recital is on April 26 at 7:00 PM. Everyone is invited! Take a gander at the picture above... Witness the power of the Lord Calvert!

4/12/02: My Senior year is almost over. The people above are some of the ones who have made it the greatest time. These are the people of GSC I will never.... eeeeeever forget.

04/10/02: Almost done with my observations. Added some new content. Of course it is only pictures. I also changed my information on my About Myself page.

03/27/02: I'm getting busier by the day... 27 hours of observations to go in 2.5 weeks. Can it be done? You bet it can be! Oh and by the way... pictures have been updated... just look on the various pages to find out what I have added!

03/10/02: More pictures have been added!


02/03/02: The New England Patriots win the Superbowl 20-17. Incredible game. Tomorrow, will be the day I set up my observations.... 40 hours of it, I'm looking forward to it, sort of. Look for more pictures to be added soon, I have plenty.


1/29/02: Today I posted stuff about my trip to Washington D.C. Wanna see? Click Washington Trip on the menu (Pics Inside).

 1/16/02: Today, I'll be posting a new page...  A picture page! So you wanna find out who is who in my college life?? Go there and find out!!


12/14/01: Christmas is almost here and also it is almost time for a new digital camera for me!!! I've always wanted to be able to take good pictures... And this is the time for me to start.

10/8/01: Added new website content! Now includes Resume, and more information pertaining to yours truly. Also created is a Links Page which is great for me, because I can now share with you the sites I like the most.