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12/15/2003: Well, a couple of days ago I think I possibly had the worst day of my life... But hopefully things will get better for me, but it is doubtful that they will.




11/20/2003: Well school has been cancelled for the past few days due to a horrible storm. I hope that everyone is ok in the Meadow Bridge area. I'm worried about some of my kids!!!




Me and Jeremy in front of the Haunted Mansion.

10/7/03: I got a voicemail a couple of days ago from a few full time Disney Cast Members... It meant so much to me to hear their voices and the fact that I have not been forgotten. I don't have to say anymore about how much fun I had while I was there, but maybe one more time... If you ever have the chance to work for this company, please take it. It changed my life and I realized that dreams can come true. It's all about the magic, and I am glad to say I helped create it! The person with me in the picture above is Jeremy Wilcox... A great friend that I wished I had more time to hang out with. That is what summer is for I guess! I miss ya Jeremy, and the rest of the gang. Of and of course... My life isn't complete without my Mice! You all know who you are... Minnie, Mickey, Suzie and Perla. ;-)

09/17/03: Yeah so this weekend I bought a new car... hehehe

Me and the Element.


09/04/03: I wish I was back at Walt Disney World right now. I miss my mice!

08/01/03: Well I'm back from my dreams at Disney and moving on to the present. I am the new Band Director of Meadow Bridge High School. I don't even have keys to the room yet. I have no clue what I'll be in for next week! Hopefully over this weekend I'll be able to get in.

06/24/03: I've been working at Kmart for the past few weeks. It's official, I'll be working in the parks from July 22nd through the 29th. Then hopefully I'll come back with a teaching job waiting for me... If not, I'll be substitute teaching.

06/01/03: Below is one friend that I didn't really get to know... How ironic. she is Miss Building 26... Otherwise known as Jessica. She is very cool in my book and I miss her as well even though I did not get to know her well.

05/16/03: To tell everyone the truth, I am not ready to leave this place. I probably never will be. It is one spot that I've felt that I was special and important. I rarely got criticized and I had the freedom to do my job as I saw fit. The picture below is an example of what I'll be missing most. Making dreams come true. Her name was Carson. I was sitting on the ground at Camp Minnie Mickey yesterday (my last day as a CP) and Carson just came over, sat in my lap and joined me while I spoke to the other kids around me... I probably had four or five gathered around as we waited for Minnie's return. It's the magic and the people that I will miss.

05/15/03: My last day of work as a CP has come and went... But I'll be back. Unfortunately, I will not have some of the people around here anymore when I return... Because their program is up to. It will possibly be the last time I ever see them, but I will at least try to keep up with them and maybe even visit them. Pictured here is a bud of mine who trained with me. Her name is Andi. I'll miss you as well as everyone else!!

04/29/03: Time here has almost come to an end. But Disney will always be a part of me somehow. I will be returning once in a while to work a few weeks or so, and I'll be happy with it. Disney is my dream that was realized once I got here. It is my life... I live and breathe the magic that is created in the parks. Mickey has made me the happiest worker on the planet... and for that, I owe it to them that while I am away I continue to make the magic that I made while on property.

04/23/03: It's almost time to go home, but sometimes I really do not want to leave. I would rather go home for a vacation and come back. Even though most of  my time here is spent working, I love the atmosphere that I've been working in., It truly is a dream come true. now as for the picture above... hmm.. Good Karma.

04/11/03: I just went to sent The Ghosts of The Abyss. It is a 3-D documentary on the Titanic. If it is appearing in your area, please go watch it! Excellent movie!


04/06/03: Well I have about one more month left here on the program. I will however be going seasonal once I leave, so I won't be gone for good. I love this place... I love my job. Anyways, the past few days have been pretty fun, I've seen some of my old pals like Mickey that I used to greet for all of the time. He is doing well, and Minnie sends her love to everyone! I am looking forward to coming back home though to be with the people I miss... Too bad I can't just bring everyone down here.. Rhodes I know would fry to a crisp.... MMMM Crispy Rhodes... Almost like rocky Rhode ice cream.. hehehe. Oh, and I want to go to Belize... The cheapest paradise.

03/26/03: AT LAST! I finally got back into my tripod account. Anyways, I've been busy here with Mickey and the rest of the gang. I'll post some more of my recent pictures once I get them done. I also lost a lot of the pictures I took from July on, so I am a little upset about that, but hey! That is life!


02/19/03: Well, it has been a couple weeks since I started work. It's fun here... and as of tomorrow I'll have been here for one month... 3 More to go! I love my job, but I miss everyone... and I do mean everyone! From my good friends to the guy who hitchhikes in Oak Hill saying he's the Senator of the World. Where is he during our time of need? He's hitchhiking of course!

02/01/03: Hey, I now have had the chance to take some pictures from Disney. I'll post more sometime soon, but for now this is one shot from earlier last week:

1/26/03: Well another day has come and gone. I am training for my position. One cool thing that I get to do in my job is work in all four parks... That should keep it all interesting!!! I'm having a good time here and meeting people from every where. Well gotta go later! How bout them Bucs?

1/20/03: Well, I'm here, and I took a couple shots of where I live... I hope everything turns out, and when all of our other roommates show up, I'll post a picture of us all. Only one roommate has shown up thus far, and his name is Aaron. He hails from the state of Wisconsin.

1/18/03: T-Minus two days until check-in. I am VERY nervous and scared to leave. However, it is something I have to do whether I want to or not. I really do not feel like leaving now, but this is the only chance I'll ever get. I'll be making updates throughout my experience, so please check in from time to time. I might make a few stupid comments for your enjoyment. I'm good at doing that...

01/12/03: T-minus one week until Disney World. I feel guilty for leaving everyone that I love dearly behind, especially my Girlfriend, but I'm sure they all understand that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for yours truly. One thing I did not know that I would miss, but I surely will, would be teaching. I am going through teaching withdrawal right now. I am looking forward to getting my own classroom once I get back!

1/03/03: Two weeks till I leave for Disney... I'm scared to leave home, and it's really sinking in. Anyways, check this out! Go here!! Hopefully that link will stay put for a while. That is my cousin Erin. I haven't seen her in a good four years, but in case you are reading this Erin, I'm verrrrrrrrrrrrrrry proud of you! Tell all my relatives that I never see I said hey!

12/26/02: I thought I would add a picture I forgot to originally post a while back... It is of me playing trombone, and my great friend Tabitha playing her Horn in F... Enjoy!

12/25/02: Once again MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! If anyone is planning on going to Disney World in the next four or so months, please let me know... I need for tons of people to visit me! As for teaching, I'll miss it dearly. I felt more comfortable teaching Elementary students than I have at anything I've ever tried. In case you have been under a rock... I'll be working for...


I'll be leaving a lot behind for four months to accomplish two of my dreams... It's going to be hard to do, but who said everything  was easy??? Leaving the people I love, the friends I have made, the second floor... hold on... I left that a little over a year ago... Oh the times we had... Enough of that, I mentioned it all in a previous post. Anyways, I hope you all enjoy the holidays as much as I!!!

12/20/02: Well, it looks as if I'll be going to Disney World for four months. It's a hard decision to make considering I am leaving so much behind. If I do not go, I will regret it... Besides I'll be living two dreams at once that I have always had. The first being to be able to live in Florida, and the second being working in a theme park. I don't have many dreams, so to be able to fulfill two of them will be very satisfying in the end. Oh and by the way... MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

12/02/02: Hello to all and I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!! I worked on my Thanksgiving, but it was fun.

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